Q: What if I am going to arrive after 9PM?

A: You must call (843) 722-8383 between the hours of 5 and 10PM EST. Tell the employee that is working you have a reservation and will be arriving late. They will make arrangements with you to get to your room after office hours.

Q: What if I arrive after 9PM and didn’t make arrangements?

A: You will not be able to stay at the hostel and you will not be offered a refund. Please read all the rules and emails that we send so that you can access the hostel after hours if you are going to arrive after our check in hours

Q: How do I cancel my reservation?

A: To cancel your reservation, you must email us at info@notsohostel.com at least 48 hours in advance of your check in date. When you make a reservation, you give your credit card to hold the room and agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not email and cancel 48 hours in advance, your credit card will be charged for the first two nights of your reservation and the remainder of the reservation will be canceled. If you are a group of four or more, you will have to cancel 96 hours in advance. We will not cancel reservations for inclement weather or unexpected circumstances and you cannot cancel your reservation over the phone, you must have a cancellation confirmation emailed to you.

Q: What if I arrive before 5PM?

A: Check your email for the back door code. You will be able to drop your bag off, use the Internet, watch a movie in the lobby, shower, and use the kitchen. An employee will be there promptly at 5PM to show you to your room.

Q: Is parking included?

A: Yes, our annex location has designated parking spots for each room. Check your confirmation email to see which room you are staying in to see which parking spot you will use. The main location has parking as well, you will register your car during check in. If you arrive earlier in the day, you are welcome to park in any spot in the parking lot, be sure to register your car with staff after 5PM.

Q: Is your price for per person or for the room?

If you are staying in a dorm room, the price is per person, only one person is allowed per bed. Our price for a private room is for two people. If you would like to add a third person, there is an additional $10/night charge. There are only a few of our rooms that can hold a third person (Kenya, Austria, Aimee and Luca) so if you need to add a third person, be sure to write that in the notes section when you make a reservation and be sure to reserve one of the rooms above that can comfortable hold three people.

Q: What is your checkout procedure and can I leave my car/belongings there during the day of my checkout?

Checkout is at 10AM. To checkout, drop your key off in the key drop box that is located on the front of the lobby door. There is a $25 fee to replace the room key if it is not returned the day of your checkout. You can leave your car in the parking lot during the day and we have lockers you can store your luggage in (bring your own lock) during the day. All cars and belongings must be removed by 4PM.

Q: Do I need to bring linens?

A: We provide all the sheets, blankets and pillows you will need during your stay. We provide towels upon request.

Q: Will I be able to lock my room?

A: Yes, you will be given a key at check in to your room. At check out, you will return the key and your linens.

Q: What amenities do you have for guests?

A: Guests are welcome to use our fully stocked kitchen (pots, pans, utensils, cooking supplies, etc.), full sized fridge and gas range stovetop and oven to cook meals during their stay at the hostel. We have hair dryers, an iron and ironing board and we offer laundry (wash and dry) for $5. 

Q: How does the hostel make an effort to be environmentally conscious?

A: We compost, recycle, have a vegetable garden, displace water in toilet tanks, encourage guests to turn off the lights and fans when they leave, we regulate the temperature everyday, recently insulated all of the houses, replaced the windows, painted a peace mural, and for our latest project, we are digging up all of the grass in the front yard and replacing it with stone which will reduce runoff and help replenish the water table. We are also going to have a native species garden in the front yard so please, come check it out and tell us what you think!