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Rates & Reservations - Charleston, SC

Check out our private room, dorm room rates at our charming Hostel located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina.


Our Rates

Main Location

  • Dorm: $30 / person weekday

  • Private (1-2 people): starting at $64 / night
    Third/Additional Person + $10/night

  • Kenya + Austria Room (private half bath) starting at $68 / night

  • Brazil Room + India Room (private bath) starting at $72 / night

Annex Location

  • Private: starting at $70 / night

  • Kendall Room (private bath): starting at $80 / night

  • Prices on the weekend increase from these base starting points

PRICE INCLUDES: High Speed Internet, Wi-Fi in all rooms, Private parking, Linens
PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE TAX. Full balance is due upon arrival.


  • All guests are required to have a valid drivers license/valid passport in order to check-in. State identification cards that are not valid drivers licenses will not be accepted. Travelers also need to be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult in a private room, no guests under 18 are allowed to stay in the dorm rooms.

  • Travel documents showing your departure on plane, bus, plane or out of state receipts from your road trip to show that you are traveling.

  • Since we are a traveler’s hostel, we do not allow locals, no exceptions.

  • We have a ten day maximum stay per year. The first day starts on the day of your check in, once you stay ten days, you will need to wait 365 days to check in again. We are a travelers oasis and not a residence, no exceptions for extended stay.

  • The hostel reserves the right to refuse any patron at any time for any reason.

Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness. – Ray Bradbury

Cancellation & Pet Policy

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Guests who do not cancel within 48 hours of their reservation will be charged for the first two nights of their stay and the remainder of their reservation will be cancelled, no exceptions. We do not accept cancellations over the phone, you must email and receive a cancellation confirmation. We recommend that you obtain travel insurance as we do not offer refunds for missed flights, sickness, weather, or any other reason if cancelations are not made before 48 hours in advance of your reservation.

We allow well-trained, small pets to stay with their owners in a private room at the main location. No pets are allowed at the annex and no pets are allowed in dorm rooms at the main location. There is an additional charge of $10/night and guests must sign a waiver that they will agree to keep their pet on a leash and not leave the pet unattended at anytime in the room or car during their stay at the hostel. We have the right to refuse any pet for any reason at any time. That being said, we love animals!